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Linda I just wanted to thank you for feeding us with knowledge that will be helpful in our own personal lives as well as our professional lives. You have inspired me to continue researching and educating myself on the topics you present. Thank you for your energy and passion, it motivates me to continue challenging our societal norms.

Spread the message. Get your heart into the matter!!

I appreciate the research and the work that Linda is doing. It is definitely thought provoking and challenges our thinking. She presented the weight sensitive topic extremely well, carefully revealing her research along with stories and life experiences that validate the research. If you are not familiar with Linda Bacon’s research, it challenges us to think beyond the traditional research we see, what we have learned and have been taught, and encourages us to listen to people and their experiences.

I think the most important message I heard is this: meet people where they are at. People are worthy of respect and kindness. We can help people by providing advice that gets to the root of the problem, without posing judgment /shame and by using respect and worthiness. Accept people for where they are now, as they are and help guide and support them through their goals.

I use this approach in practice as a Dietitian and I believe it is critical in truly helping people shift to a focus on wellbeing;considering all areas of health;.physical, social and mental health. This is a challenge in today's world where society is bombarded with inappropriate health messages, the obesity prevention message, other health prevention messages that are based on fear, and are creating shame and roadblocks to actual wellbeing.

What I have learned from Linda Bacon's research and from my experience with clients is that we need to promote health in a way that is strength based and harm reducing, respectful of all people. She challenges us to think about how to say health messages that are good for everyone and not cause harm? How can we say the same health promotion message that would be good for people of all body types?

Linda's research questions judgment to messages that present weight bias. She is an advocate for acceptance of all people, no matter what their size is. More people need to hear her message. It is critical to humanity's wellbeing!

Thank You!

Linda, I finished reading your book (HAES) about 2 weeks ago. It is changing my whole life. The idea that there is nothing wrong with me, it is like it took me out of a cult haze. It is allowing me to be so much more loving and engaged with self. Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking up with your beautiful and well informed voice.


I first learned of Dr Bacon at a IAEDP workshop in Orange County, CA. I was floored. I have worked with eating disorders for a few years and had never been exposed to this information in such an intriguing, educated, research-based, entertaining and heartfelt way. It literally changed not only the way that I treat my patients but the way I treat myself. It was life changing. I have the deepest respect, admiration and appreciation for the work that Dr Bacon is doing and believe that the more the world is exposed to the truth in her research, the faster we will begin to eradicate the unhealthy and inaccurate messages about food and weight in this country that contribute to severe emotional and physcial destruction and lead to even more serious health risks.

Nancy Staycer, LCSW

I wanted to say how deeply your book is moving me, and to thank you again. It’s changed my life on levels I don’t even understand yet, and best of all has shifted the way I am talking to my 12 year old daughter about food – the element of fear and uncertainty that used to be in my voice when I encouraged her to trust her body is now gone from those conversations: I now say encourage her with confidence and a happy sparkle in my eye, feeling supported by you and the entire HAES community. [snip] Thank you Linda, so much. Tears are welling as I read your lovely and kind response. {should be used to this by now, since tears apparently flow upon reading pretty much anything you write – in a good way!} For all of us who have struggled these tears are tsunamis which – thanks to you and your incredible work – we can now let flow, and even surf, for the first time – have fun with, and transform. So true – making our struggles a part of our power in the world – and empowering others in the process! I absolutely love that, thanks.

Anonymous, Australia

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that your book and HAES were incredibly influential in my recovery from disordered eating. It was the most freeing and encouraging book that I've ever read. I’m on the road to recovery and happiness, and so thankful that I found your book when I did. It literally changed (and possibly saved) my life, and for that, I can't thank you enough.

Hope Arnold

I taught a course on the Psychology of Eating and several students said the session when we discussed your article [Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift] was their favorite. “Mind-blowing” was a term used more than once in course evaluations. Thank you and Lucy for writing that paper!

A. Janet Tomiyama, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, UCLA

We are awed by your spirit and generosity and, well, wisdom. It’s no accident that you're a guru and hero to so many.

Mandy Katz

I want to tell you how transformative your book has been for me. With every page I read I felt more and more vindicated about my view on our relationship with obesity and fat related issues. Thank you for the hours and hours of work and research you have done and continue to do.

Wendy Hiller

Prior to finding your work, I suffered with body image issues, feeling guilt and sadness about my weight due to all the hype of the “obesity epidemic.” I would have made the very drastic move toward WLS – a very invasive procedure. Your work is truly consciousness raising as it has taught me to listen to and accept my body as it is and not to listen to those who have vested interests in keeping, especially women, feeling bad about themselves. Thank you.

Lydia Krizan

I feel like I'm back to a place of peace with my body and I’m so grateful. I'm also grateful for your book and your words to come back to when my brain starts spinning up again.

Valerie Roseberry

Thank you for an amazing book, it has changed my life!!!!

Lisa Barry

This book has contributed immeasurably to my wellbeing, health and my whole attitude towards eating – I feel like a new person thanks to Linda Bacon! I suffered from an eating disorder and from one minute to the next decided to drop my disastrous, self-destructive lifestyle and be grateful for the body I inhabit. No more starvation, no living like Kafka’s Hunger Artist – pure pleasure, health and humility are my daily companions now! We only have this one body, let’s enjoy it – let’s feed our souls instead of robbing ourselves of everything that makes life worthwhile. I am much more self-confident and I get up each morning looking forward to what’s in store for me (as opposed to dreading breakfast and feeling guilty at the mere thought of putting something in my mouth and thereby on my now highly appreciated curvaceous hips). I strongly recommend reading HAES! Thank you, Linda Bacon

Ariane DeBaillou

In preparing a literature review for a manuscript summarizing a great school-based intervention in Michigan, I just found your excellent review in the 2011 Nutrition Journal. Thank you for persisting in speaking out. It takes a lot of courage to do it. I’m not a sports fan, but the image that comes to mind in describing your effort is this: It’s like showing up at Spartan Stadium when every single seat is filled with a Michigan State University fan dressed in green and you are wearing blue, and waving a tiny little University of Michigan flag. Thank heavens there are a few like you who will see and speak the truth.

Karen Petersmarck, PhD

I refer people to your HAES book all the time- it’s like a bible to me, and to many of my patients. I can’t wait to get more inspiration- and information- from you. Your work has made such a difference as we try to maintain some sanity in this crazy culture.

Margo Maine, PhD, FAED, CEDS

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