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5/27/14, SBS The Feed (Australian tv): Fat pride: The growing movement of people looking for fat acceptance, by Mike Clay and Nick McDougall

Dr Linda Bacon is the author of ‘Health at every size’ and says that being thin seems to be a cultural obsession.

She says people should embrace the bodies they have and not try to fit into a social ideal of being skinny.

“We hear in the news all the time about an obesity epidemic and how people are dying of obesity,” says Dr Bacon. “It’s just not true. What is true is that people are heavier than they used to be but what’s also true is that we’re living longer than ever before.”

“There are many reasons for why someone might be living in a fat body… for some people that’s just genetics… to try to judge somebody by their weight will give you a lot of misinformation.”

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7/3/13: Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Are You Spiritually Fat?, by Marc David.

“Do yourself a favor and go Google the term “health at every size.”

What you’ll find is a growing movement and a body of research that is quite clear and unequivocal around the following conclusion: other than intense extremes, humans can be quite healthy at just about any size or weight. One can be overweight and be healthy and long-lived. One can have the “perfect” size, shape, and weight and be unwell or dis-eased. An amazing woman, Dr. Linda Bacon, wrote a brilliant book with this very title – Health at Every Size – that details the compelling and unmistakable research that bears this out.”

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August, 2011, Prevention Magazine: The End of Dieting, Marjorie Ingall.

“According to Linda Bacon, PhD, associate nutritionist at the University of California, Davis, nutrition professor at City College of San Francisco, and author of Health at Every Size (the bible of the HAES movement), many studies suggest that yo-yo dieting itself increases the risk of high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and high blood cholesterol. Studies also show that a vast majority of dieting ends up being yo-yo dieting: Up to two-thirds of people who lose weight regain it within 1 year, and nearly all the rest regain it within 5 years.”

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Prevention Magazine: The End of Dieting, Marjorie Ingall.

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